Real estate sales

MLS listings and sales of condominiums of all types (apartments, patio homes and townhouses) in the Comox Valley were slightly better in January 2019 and than they were in January 2018. Of note though, is that prices were higher this year for both patio homes and townhouses, but were lower for apartments. Condominium living is not for everyone, but suits many perfectly because the maintenance is done for you. You do pay that monthly strata fee and that should cover the day to day operations with lots to spare. Remember that you have to have money set aside for maintenance when you live in a freestanding home too. There are always repairs to be done, the difference with a condo (or strata) is that you share maintenance with the others in the community. Want to know what’s going on with properties for sale in Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland or the Comox Valley in general? I have all the information you need about what is for sale, what has sold and what you can expect here.

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