Property in Comox/Courtenay

Thinking about real estate, think Comox Valley. I can arrange to send MLS information to you about Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland and everywhere from Black Creek to Bowser and beyond. Home buyers and investors who have been looking at real estate are acting quite quickly when they see what they want. That is certainly an indication of the market we have been experiencing over the past couple of years as less sellers come to the table and buyers continue to choose where they want to live for lifestyle rather than for employment. We have to share our wealth to keep money moving, help people keep those jobs they have and maybe even create some new ones. Whether we like it or not, we are great consumers and that is what makes our world go around. It is wise to be careful, but the Comox Valley is a great place to live and invest in property. An airport, new hospital, lots of government services, increasing shopping opportunities, lots of recreation . . . . and no dirty industry . . . . along with a lot of active folks who love what is offered in Comox and surrounding areas make it a wonderful place to call home.

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