Houses for Sale Courtenay, British Columbia

Houses for sale in Courtenay, British Columbia

Houses for sale in Courtenay, British Columbia are becoming some of the most sought after in the province. Courtenay is a city located on the east coast of picturesque Vancouver Island.  You’ll find this city of nearly 28,0000 nestled into the Comox Valley.  Residents love living in Courtenay and the Comox Valley regional district due to its temperate location. With a great year-round temperature, close proximity to the vast Pacific Ocean, and a laid-back population it’s easy to see why people are flocking to Courtenay.

Historical Fact!

The name Comox is derived from the Kwakiutl word Komuckway, which means, Place of Plenty. This is a reference to the abundant game and berries found in the Comox Valley. European colonizers adapted the name to Komoux, then finally to Comox. 

Courtenay is an urban centre with a strong connection to nature

If you’ve been searching for houses for sale in Courtenay, British Columbia then the chances are high that you love the outdoor life! Welcome to the club! Courtenay is a mecca for those who enjoy life outside.  Crystal clear lakes, rumbling rivers, waterfalls, and ocean beaches comprise the water elements of Courtenay. Douglas fir-lined hiking trails, reclusive nature paths along the ocean, and high into the mountains of Mt.Washington make up the land elements that draw in so many adventure seekers each year. So, if you love to hike, bike, and just enjoy the connection to nature then there has never been a better place to call home than right here in Courtenay, BC. 

Courtenay has a diverse, vibrant, and growing population

The population in Courtenay is diverse and eclectic. In 2021, the city of Courtenay made the shortlist for top places to live in all of Canada!  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people all over Canada were looking to escape to more space. Even more were looking for options that ticked all the boxes on their wishlist which were, access to more outdoor space, smaller city centres with less sprawl, and larger property types.  Courtenay has a nice mix of single-family homes and recently we have seen new townhome and condo-style developments enter our real estate market. This diverse mix of housing types makes our city more accessible for professionals, singles, and young families to get their feet wet in the real estate market. Lower price points for multi-unit dwellings make housing more accessible for those who are looking to invest as well. I have provided access to my featured Courtenay real estate listings to give you an idea of what is currently available. Courtenay is also home to fertile farmland. Growing produce, and raising livestock is a popular choice for farmland owners in and around the city of Courtenay. Urban agriculture is also highly encouraged among our residents. Depending on the size and location of your property you could potentially raise chickens, tend to bees and even grow and sell your own produce from a farm stand. 

Courtenay has a strong tourism-based economy 

People searching for houses for sale in Courtenay, British Columbia usually come to visit here once and decide to actively start looking for real estate. It’s such a beautiful, serene place to visit that it’s hard to imagine not living here full time!  Historical museums and national parks galore make Courtenay so desirable.  Our economy is strongly based on tourism, as is much of British Columbia and our smaller island communities. Tourism is heavily promoted through a range of bodies including the newly formed Comox Valley Regional Tourism Service. This group formed in 2021 will provide tourism information and destination marketing services on behalf of the region.   The opportunity to set up a tourism-based business in the Comox Valley is very favourable. From brewpubs to wineries to agri-tourism focused farm tours there is an endless supply of visitors looking to take in what makes the valley so special. With a plethora of outdoor activities, it’s also a great location to set up shop for outdoor tours, outfitters, and more. Courtenay is a thriving community for tourism activity and it would be a great place for your business to grow!

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