Fabulous Winter Gardens

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Fabulous Winter Gardens

A garden is our little piece of paradise. It is a place to appreciate nature in its changing seasons and winter is no exception. With a little planning you can go outside and enjoy the fresh air and exhilaration of your garden right through the winter.

Create colour by incorporating some evergreens into your garden setting including pine, fir and holly. Leave tall grasses or plants untrimmed; they’ll look sensational. Add more visual interest with bright bird houses, bird baths and statuary. Condo owners with balconies or patios can create a mini garden. Put winter kale and branches in a planter and surround it with your favourite green boughs which can last up to three months.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you will want to sit outside on your garden furniture in the darker months to soak up some sun and fresh air out of the wind. By treating and protecting your wood or metal furniture you can leave it out and you’ll have a front row seat to winter’s wonder. Take the chill off the air with an overhead patio heater which will keep you warm and comfortable and provide light at night. If permitted or desired, a fire pit adds an extra glow.

Add an extra dimension to your garden or balcony with winter lighting. Solar lights provide a soft glow to a snowy landscape or you could wrap a small tree or bush with mini lights for that added winter wonder.

Too tired to go outside after a long day at work? A hot tub in the garden is a perfect place to unwind or to soothe aching muscles after an active, hectic day. Picture yourself immersed in hot bubbling water and imagine your troubles drifting away.

Taking time to sit and relax is good for you and the garden is a perfect place to reflect or meditate. If you enjoy gardening, or just being outside, don’t miss out on it just because it’s winter.

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