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Courtenay apartments for sale offer options for every type of home buyer! Which one are you?

Finding an affordable place to live is possible with apartments for sale in Courtenay. That’s because in more recent years we have seen the real estate market shift away from single-family homes and into apartments.  Real estate developers and investors have been snapping up land and adding density to our city. 

There’s a multitude of options in Courtenay for multi-unit living. From townhomes near the ocean to work-live units in the downtown area. If you’re just starting out in real estate or winding things down, apartments in this Comox Valley city are a popular choice. 

Courtenay apartments are great for empty nesters and retirees!

We would be remiss not to start with a focus on the retirement community who favour life in Courtenay. These aren’t your average retirees. They’re a more active bunch than some of those even younger. They love the outdoors and the connection to nature that they experience here in the Comox Valley. 

Empty nesters who are looking for a second home to which they might eventually retire in the future are also drawn to Courtenay apartments for sale. With such close proximity to the ocean, ski-hill and abundant natural surroundings it’s a paradise for an active older generation. 

There’s also an ample amount of activities to entice the grandkids to come and visit for just long enough. From beach walks to floating down the river on perfect summer days to skiing the hills of Mt Washington in the winter. The grandkids will love to visit their home away from home with you in Courtenay. Let’s make sure we find you an apartment for sale with a great spare bedroom!

Courtenay apartments for sale appeal to first-time buyers and professionals

Locals who are just getting started in the real estate market here in Courtenay will often look for multi-unit properties. This is logical considering that they have a limited budget and are generally starting out in the workforce with a lower starting salary. As such this group will look to Courtenay apartments for sale when they begin their search for real estate in the Comox Valley. 

There are plenty of reasons why owning an apartment, condo, or townhome in Courtenay is attractive to first-time buyers and professionals.  Reason one is the maintenance fee usually covers a lot of stuff that you either don’t have time for or can’t be bothered with. These are things like garbage collection, some utility payments, landscaping maintenance, etc. 

Oftentimes, the amenities that are offered through some of the newer developments in Courtenay are appealing to young professionals. These include pools, close proximity to the ocean, security features, fitness centres, and more. There are also a few options for live/work options which have been increasingly popular among the WFH community recently!

Are you looking to attract real estate investors to your development?

Investors are another group who appeal to the Courtenay community when looking for apartments for sale. Savvy investors have always found a way to get into the city either by picking up land for sale or purchasing a property to rent. However, since the pandemic shifted everyone’s way of living we have seen a huge uptick in investor activity. 

The city of Courtenay has recently garnered national attention as one of the best places to live in Canada! This isn’t surprising, especially when so many cities throughout Canada were in lockdowns. People were naturally looking for more space, a better climate, and clean air. Courtenay was a natural choice. As a result, investors began to take note. 

We are seeing many people visit in search of real estate for another rainy day. Some are looking to pick up a second residence and others are looking for a place to retire. Whatever the reason, investors are happy to choose apartments for sale in Courtenay as an addition to their real estate portfolio. 

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